About the Programme

EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme

The purpose of the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme is to support the cultural and creative sectors’ contribution to sustainable humanitarian, social and economic development in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Activities to achieve this include

mapping, training, online learning, study visits, partnership fairs, cultural leadership initiatives, working groups, use of local and international experts, toolkits, an award scheme, networking and sharing good practice through the website, Facebook page, newsletter etc.

How the Programme can support you

  • Conducting research and developing evidence-based policy
  • Contributing to cultural policy reforms
  • Capacity building for the cultural and creative sectors
  • Creating synergies between public, private and civil society actors
  • Providing information and opportunities for international cooperation
  • Raising awareness of the role of culture in sustainable development
  • Sharing knowledge and good practice

The Programme’s priorities

  • Agenda Setting
  • Win-Win Alliances
  • Building a Positive Climate for Culture
  • Evidence Building, Learning and Legacy
  • Cultural and Creative Industries Capacity Building
  • Mainstreaming Eastern Partnership Culture, Cultural Leaders and Organisations in the 'European Cultural Space'
  • Culture and Crisis

The Programme’s Principles

  • Consultation and Agenda-Setting
  • Participatory Inclusion through Shared Values
  • Creativity, Innovation and Change
  • Tolerance, Respect and Reconciliation
  • Partnership, Mutuality and Sharing Success including between public and private organisations and players

Topics covered by the Programme include

Project cycle management, cultural leadership, cultural and statistical research, advocacy, fund raising, audience development, cultural journalism and communication capacity-building.

Although a regional programme, it is heavily country-focused with designated professional country coordinators as an essential part of our core team.

The Programme will run for three years from 2015 to 2018. The budget of the Programme is €4,2 million. 


Team of experts


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