Culture matters

Culture Matters, so be an Ambassador and Spread the Word!

The cultural and creative industries are:

  • 4,5% of the world’s GDP and forecast to grow 10% per year
  • growing faster than manufacturing and the service industries
  • the leading sector for growth and employment in the EU
  • currently providing 8.3 million jobs and €558 billion revenue in EU
  • The generator of €11 million an hour in 2014 in the UK
  • third biggest employer in EU
  • providing 2.5 times more jobs than car makers
  • employing more young people than any other sector
  • enhancing start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • generating investment and tourism

Culture and art:

  • contribute significantly and uniquely to the well-being of society and individuals
  • improve community cohesion
  • increase social engagement
  • contribute to happiness
  • improve health
  • build trust and dialogue
  • define values
  • transfer knowledge across generations
  • make diverse and tolerant societies
Fashion industry and furniture trade fairs in Milan attract 3.5 million business tourists a year who spend €350 a day on accommodation, food and visiting cultural sites with annual revenue of €2.5 billion and 80,000 jobs.

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