5 free online courses for museum workers

Here are free online courses for people who are engaged in museum life.

Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum

How can we understand museums today? Who are museums for? How do we respond emotionally to museum objects and spaces? And how can museums play a role in the pursuit of social justice, human rights, or health and wellbeing?

On this course you will explore these questions through a range of inspirational case studies and thought-provoking ideas. 

The Museum as a Site and Source for Learning 

What is the purpose of museums in today’s world - a world obsessed with technology? On this course we explore what can be gained from interacting with museum collections and spaces, and how to use technology to encourage engagement.

You will consider the ways museum collections improve our understanding of history and how museums can use artefacts to engage learners. You will also explore how museums can better use their spaces to create learning experiences for all visitors.

Museums as Spaces for Wellbeing

This online course will help you develop, deliver and evaluate health and wellbeing work within a museum, arts, heritage or cultural organisation. The course is aimed at professionals working in museum, arts, heritage or cultural organisations and anyone else interested in health and wellbeing work in this sector.

Arts and Heritage Management

Today cultural institutions are facing important dilemmas in many aspects of their management. Over the past decades, a new figure has emerged that of the art manager.  Imagine you went to work every day to connect artists with audiences, vision with reality, and money with a mission. That is what managers in the arts do, they play an essential role in transforming the minds, lives, and communities through creative expression.

The cultural strategy course 

By taking the course, you will learn how to draw up a strategy for a cultural organisation and prepare documents that will have a real impact. The lecture of the course, Ragnar Siil, a specialist of the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme, has worked for more than ten years in state, non-governmental, non-profit and commercial organisations. In his lectures, the expert proposes new methods for analysing organisations, measuring their potential, effects and results.


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