Launch of the new series of legendary Ukrainian photo project RAZOM.UA

Preparations for the first shoot are already ongoing. Media representatives will be invited to envisage the shooting process.

Recognized all over the world Ukrainian photo artist Ihor Gaidai is launching a new series of works within the framework of his project "RAZOM.UA". Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has been exploring the collective energy of people, taking panoramic photos of large groups of Ukrainians: factory workers, construction workers, aircraft designers, people at weddings, etc. In the conditions of today's full-scale war and the historicity of the moment, this project acquires a new meaning and relevance. With support of DTEK (Ukrainian energy company), in a new cycle of works, Ihor Gaidai will record communities of people who make their contribution to the victory of Ukraine: soldiers, doctors, volunteers, farmers, energy workers and others.

"RAZOM.UA" photo project was initiated as a study of the social nature of people and the phenomenon of collective energy. Its purpose is to capture the historical moment of Ukraine's path to sovereignty through collective portraits of Ukrainians. But most of the photos were taken in peaceful, relatively calm times. russia's attack became an existential test for Ukraine. Due to tragic events, we are maturing as a nation at an accelerated rate. It is in such times that the ability of people to connect ideologically and consciously is manifested. I consider it necessary to reproduce this state of our society with a photograph", - noted Ihor Gaidai.

The new cycle of the "RAZOM.UA" project will continue until the victory of Ukraine. Once every few months, a new photo work will be presented. The cycle will end with a collective photo of the Ukrainian military at a parade in honor of Victory Day over the russian aggressor.

In the framework of the project photo exhibitions and charity auctions both in Ukraine and abroad will be organized displaying the works from the entire series of the "RAZOM.UA" project will be sold, including new photos. All funds collected from the sale of photos will go to support Ukraine.

"Six months of full-scale war and the word unity has gained a whole new weight and meaning. Now all Ukrainians understand that without unity there will be no freedom, no life, no future. And most importantly, there will be no victory. Therefore, it is now very important to demonstrate this fantastic unity and indomitability of Ukrainians to the whole world through various forms, including artistic ones. The main task of the project is to show unity as a force of collective energy leading to victory. And, of course, to pay tribute to those people who bring it closer every day," said DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko.



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