1st mobile app of Ukrainian classic music

Created by Lviv team Collegium Management with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, in close partnership with Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music and Galician Music Society, Ukrainian Live Classic is the first app for Ukrainian classical music representing a completely fresh set of musical pieces, styles, and composers, as well as exclusive releases and personalized recommendations along with rich critical texts and annotations. 

The founders of the project, Taras Demko and Ivan Ostapovych, are well-known cultural diplomacy managers and music enthusiasts, who promote Ukrainian classical music in Lviv, country wide and globally developing different project:

  • Galician Music Society - public association aimed at the broadest cultural and educational activities, promotion of the masterpieces of musical culture of all times with special attention to the national artistic tradition.
  • Collegium Management (Collegium Musicum NGO) - innovative management of bright and highly professional musicians of Ukraine. Agency pays special attention to the Ukrainian musical heritage and treats it in a broad global context.

What was the challenge?

Due to severe historical challenges, Ukrainian musical culture has had quite a few chances to promote its brightest names and masterpieces. In short, the artistic heritage is vast, but there are very few professional recordings of Ukrainian music. 

Lots of names remain unknown. Works by many composers, such as Stefania Turkevych, Borys Kudryk, Porfiry Bazhanskyi, etc., were kept silent for years, and many manuscripts survived only in archives; stories behind them remind thrillers and detectives!

Besides, there was no source where a fan of classical music could find quality records of Ukrainian music from the XVII century to the present in free access and learn information about the composers and a particular cultural era in one place.

What is the solution?

Ukrainian Live Classic was developed in cooperation with the USA tech company Subsplash Platform that provides the complete solution for connecting with communities. 

The application emphasizes a comprehensive approach to the presentation of Ukrainian classical music. The user can listen to mood playlists, choose music of a certain style, genre, composer, or learn more about them.

Key features of the App:

  • Play music everywhere and anytime with offline listening
  • Listen to your audio tracks without interruptions
  • High-quality audio MP3 320kbps
  • Watch video concerts with 1080 HD or switch to audio listening
  • Connect to 3rd party devices like Chromecast, Smart TV
  • Select tracks read articles with on-demand playback
  • Available in Ukrainian and English and does not contain advertising

Particular attention is paid to the structure of the application to present each era as fully as possible. In addition to audio recordings, the user can watch videos in 1080p Full HD resolution and broadcast them to their Smart TV or other media devices. A switch-to-audio mode is available for convenience, which allows you to instantly switch from video to audio and continue doing your business. You can also save and listen to recordings in the application offline.

The ukrainianlive.org media platform works in parallel with the application. The application is the original listening location, and the site is a mini-encyclopedia.


What are the final results?

UL Classic team launched the mobile applications for Android and IOS in October 2020. 

The presentation of the supplement took place on October 15, 2020, in the walls of the Lviv Organ Hall, where the premiere performance of Symphony G1 by the first Ukrainian woman composer Stefania Turkevych took place. A recording of this work is already available for listening.

Since its publication on the Apple Store and Google Play Market, the UL Classic application has gained more than 17,000 active users. Currently, the application has 89 albums with the music of different styles and eras (Baroque, Classicism, Sentimentalism, Romanticism, Ukrainian Music of XX-XXI centuries). There are 45 Ukrainian composers, each of which is dedicated to a separate page with biographical information and exciting life stories.

Every week the platform is replenished with new releases for a wide range of listeners.

As part of the Ukrainian Live strategy, the public organization Collegium, together with the Lviv Organ Hall and the Galician Music Society, regularly released recorded works of outstanding or forgotten composers and thus promotes Ukrainian classical music in the world.

Ukrainian Live Classic became the winner in the category Digital project of the year of the first nationwide Ukrainian Cultural Foundation Honorary Award 2021.



The project “Boosting local traditional industries with IT capacities” is implementing by TechUkraine in partnership with APPAU – Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, International Association Culture&Creativity Association with the financial support of the German government through GIZ that aims to increase the competitiveness of traditional industries in strong collaboration with Ukrainian IT companies.





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