5 tips for effective partnerships in the new, «totally online» world

In times when the offices are closing and everything moves online, communications and networking are also changing - right in front of our eyes. That's how the era of total digitalization really looks like!


How can you work online with ease and confidence today? Proving that effective cooperation can be established even in times of closed borders?

We have got a few tips to turn online communication into an effective interaction that will later grow into a successful project, expand your circle of contacts, find partners and like-minded people around the world. 

  • Know your purpose. It is important to be clear about what you need and who has it, or can get it from you. Find places and communities where your potential partners are. Facebook, LinkedIn, or specialized online platforms in your area.

  • Explore. Try out online platforms that are created specifically for online events. For example, a platform like Hopin allows you to hold a great event as real, only online: in addition to the possibility of various workshops, performances, there are many features that allow you to communicate and find new business contacts.

  • Civil Match. An online event created as an environment to facilitate cooperation and support the development of new international projects for civil society organizations. A great opportunity to find partners from different countries and apply for funds from the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs of Germany (FFO). Collaborate with foreign organizations, share, learn to trust, be proactive, and build new cross-border relationships. Look for options on how you can be useful to each other. Be open and ready to actively interact. Ask questions and be able to listen well - common interests might be found not now, but in future projects. If you are hearing about Civil Match for the first time, get to know the details now!

  • Elevator picth. Everything happens faster online and your goal is to intrigue your potential partner and explain the main thing about your idea in 30-60 seconds speech. Be as clear as possible - what do you suggest? What problem does your project solve? Identify the value you offer. How are you different?

  • Follow up. For the contacts to work, they need to be systematized. For example, in the same Hopin, there is a connect button, which automatically saves all the contacts that you have selected for further partnership. It is important to make a brief follow up the day after the conversation, and to make reminders to write your specific proposal in the calendar. Especially after big events or networking, where you meet a lot of people. 

Online opens the whole world to you. The next such event is Civil Match/ This is an online event for civil society organizations initiated by the Goethe Institute in Ukraine. Cooperation project between the Goethe Institute, Insha Osvita, WECHANGE, and the Federal Agency for Civic Education of Germany. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

To apply for the Civil Match and get more information, fill in the form by July 22nd.



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