This selection includes good films that fit the bill perfectly for Christmas and New Year viewing

A Very Murray Christmas, 2015 

A 56-minute-long musical comedy that nevertheless offers magical moments! The actors who star in the film include George Clooney and, of course, Bill Murray. The holiday episode of a TV show looks like it could turn into a disaster because of a snow storm. But in perfect Christmas spirit, the show is saved.

A Christmas Carol, 1938

Watching a film from 1938 is like visiting a museum. The classic is about the stingy old Scrooge and three spirits who appear to him on Christmas Eve. These spirits will open Scrooge’s eyes to the realities of life.

Love Actually, 2003

What is more wonderful than a Christmas film? A Christmas film about love! Love that controls everyone around – from the prime minister to the writer who has taken refuge in the south of France to let emotional wounds heal. The film’s cast leaves nobody indifferent.


Last Holiday, 2006

A story about a woman who although aware of her unusual view of life, continues to lead an ordinary life and make plans for the future. At some point she finds out that she is suffering from a terminal illness, withdraws everything she has from her bank account and leaves for a luxury holiday, making her dreams a reality. A good film about the love of life with a lot of positivity and beautiful landscapes.

White Christmas, 1954

A good old film with an excellent soundtrack. The film is about two former conscripts who combine their talents to become the best singing and dancing act in America. Their plans change when they meet a sister duet.


Christmas with the Kranks, 2004

A comedy about what running from Christmas to warmer climates leads to and includes lifehacks on how to prepare for a holiday at the last minute.



The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993

An animated film for the fans of Tim Burton. About good and evil, a kidnapped Santa and unsuccessful presents. Ideally, this animated musical should be watched in English.


The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, 2005

This animated film should be watched by the whole family and kids. Although the story is rather ordinary, director Greg Sullivan manages to make this film thrilling and dynamic.


Miracle on 34th Street, 1947

A little girl, who is raised by her mother, does not believe in Santa Claus and does not know that real miracles can happen at Christmas. She could not have even imagined that her long-cherished dream of a big house, a daddy and a little brother can come true. 


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