Aldama Fabre Residency

After the pilot residence held during this year in the city of Bilbao, Aldama Fabre has decided to establish an annual pictorial residence for emerging artists.

The residence will take place between the months of December 2019 and February 2020.

The gallery will provide the next elements:

- Studio space (Period in which the gallery will be transformed into the studio of the artist)
- 600 euros for materials
- Accommodation (One room in a shared apartment)
- Travel expenses
- Exhibition at the end of the period

The artist agrees to have a fixed schedule of 35 hours per week, to discuss with the gallery, depending on the time preference of both, as well as to donate a work of choice for Aldama Fabre´s collection (the donated work will be selected by the gallery).

The delivery of dossiers should be made during the month of March to the following email address:, where they will be described:
- CV
- Previous work
- Project to develop during the residence

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