Company helps fashion brands reduce returns by 30% while increasing conversions by 4x

3DLOOK is driving digital innovation in the apparel industry with its AI-first mobile body scanning solutions that instantly capture consumers’ unique body shape and measurement data from just two smartphone photos. The company’s YourFit solution provides personalized fit and size recommendations for online shoppers and body data intelligence that brands can use to create better-fitting clothes. Leading global fashion retailers are using 3DLOOK’s YourFit widget across platforms to maximize conversion and AOV while reducing returns and providing a superior customer experience that drives long-term loyalty.

In the uniform sector, 3DLOOK’s Uniform Pro solution makes uniform fitting more efficient and convenient, reducing returns while saving sales representatives time, ensuring consistent measurements, and instantly connecting uniformed staff with garments that fit them.

3DLOOK uses a patented combination of computer vision, neural networks, and 3D statistical modeling to instantly measure the human body using two photos, which are processed to obtain landmarks on the user’s body and create a unique 3D model and then instantly and permanently deleted. The process takes only about 30 seconds, doesn’t require any third-party assistance, and works on any smartphone or background.

The company was founded in 2016 in Odesa, Ukraine, by Vadim Rogovskiy, Alex Arapov, Ivan Makeev, and Whitney Cathcart. Rogovskiy, 3DLOOK’s CEO, is a serial entrepreneur and investor who previously founded several startups, including Clickky, an online platform for advertisers and publishers that offers programmatic, performance and video solutions. 3DLOOK is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in the US and Ukraine.

What was the challenge?

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating consumers’ shift toward e-commerce shopping, retailers and brands face increased logistics and returns costs. As online shoppers cannot try on clothes before they purchase them, fashion and apparel product returns can reach 30% or more of all purchases, mostly due to poor fit. The ballooning return rates that result from online shoppers making the wrong guess about which size garment will fit them or purchasing multiple sizes of a single item and sending back all but the one ends up squeezing brands’ profit margins and negatively affecting the planet as resources are wasted in the shipping of goods back and forth. At the same time, consumers are demanding an ever-more seamless and personalized omnichannel shopping experience that brands often struggle to provide.

One of 3DLOOK’s e-commerce customers, 1822 Denim, is a women’s denim brand based in New York City known for offering the best fitting jeans for all shapes and sizes. The brand wanted to “disrupt traditional size charts” to provide a range of products that would fit real women of all sizes and needed to boost customers’ confidence in purchasing custom-made denim products to drive sales growth. The brand also sought to take the human hand out of the measurement process to avoid human error and minimize returns.

What is the solution?

1822 Denim incorporated 3DLOOK’s YourFit solution, which generates personalized size recommendations via a cross-platform, web-based widget that captures consumers’ body data using just two smartphone photos to determine the correct size for customers accurately. Additionally, YourFit allows the brand to collect anonymized body data from its customers to analyze and leverage to optimize its manufacturing processes.

What are the final results?

With 3DLOOK’s widget, 1822 Denim has seen a fourfold increase in conversion and a 30% reduction in returns. In addition, 90% of the company’s customers indicated that they felt confident that the fit recommendation they received was personalized to their unique body shape and measurements, and 70% of those who used the widget went on to purchase on the 1822 Denim website.

1822 Denim has also gathered valuable customer insights through its partnership with 3DLOOK. An analysis of the data captured by the brand revealed that 80% of its customers are more petite and curvier than the standard fit model. The brand has been able to use these data insights to retarget its customers with denim products that will fit their unique shapes and sizes and promote a wider range of styles. Additionally, the brand is looking at its grading to better align some of its basic fits with its existing customer base, intending to sell a greater variety of products at total price.


Is it relevant to the Ukrainian apparel industry? For sure!

Ukrainian fashion brand Bettter founded by stylist and Vogue Ukraine's international fashion director Julie Pelipas also partnered with 3DLOOK to use their tech solutions to create made-to-measure suits virtually. The partnership also falls into a sustainability vein, meaning that there is no overproduction or excess product. "We really don't want anyone to buy suits that won't fit first," says Pelipas to Vogue. "It's a really complicated process to customize something. But in our case, it's optimizing because you don't create anything that people don't need. You only produce when people want it."

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