National Theater of Korea | 2017 Cultural Partnership Initiative (open call for musicians)

National Theater of Korea invites experts/artists/professionals in the culture and arts field (experts and artists of traditional music) from different countries. Approximately 10 participants are selected for the program.

Cultural Partnership Initiative is hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. It is a residency program aimed for international cultural exchange in culture-arts-tourism-sports area, through inviting professionals of different fields in Asian, Eastern European, South American and African countries to stay in South Korea for five months.


Period: July to November (approximately 5 months)

Qualified countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania,

Senegal, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay.

Deadline for application June 11, 2017.

Application & Proposal form

Program Guideline 

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