Since 2015 Culture&Creativity is one of the main media for the Eastern Partnership countries to disseminating knowledge, trends, and top news from the world of culture and creative industries.

In 2021 we will go further in development, and we will present new formats and projects. One of them will allow our readers and experts to publish their opinions and insights in an op-ed form. We strive to become an intelligent platform for exchanging ideas and disseminating best practices! We invite you to cooperate!

If you are implementing a project in the field of culture and creative industries or have done the research, which important for the whole sector and professional development – we call upon you to share information with our readers!

Our readers are tens of thousands of professionals from the culture and creative industries in the Eastern Partnership countries. The publication of your text on our website allow you to develop a professional discussion and find international partners.

Send your ideas and texts to our editor by e-mail 

Criteria for the text:

- Relevance of topics for the cultural and creative industries

- Practical application of the idea

- Own experience or the author's reflection

- Up to 800 words

- Language: Ukrainian, English, Russian


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