Toolkit for cultural organisations: five steps to implement innovations

The Toolkit “To sell or not to sell?: An introduction to business models (innovation) for arts and cultural organisations” can help you to make organisation more innovative.

The author of the toolkit, Jose Luis Rodriguez, suggests five areas where cultural organisations can be successful while implementing innovations.

The first one is art-form development, which means looking for new ideas and approaches. The most effective instrument in this area is inter-disciplinary collaboration. 

The second area is audiences. It is important to build a community around your organisation and the most effective way is developing marketing and educational programmes.

The third is distribution. The author advice to use alternative forms such as digital platforms to sell and share your products.

The value creation also is an important area where you can bring innovations. Try to create new and qualitative forms of value measurement of your activities, you can make your own indicators or collaborate with organisations that professionals in this area.  

And the last but not the least, business models. The researchers found that audiences are ready to pay for high-quality digital products, so pay attention to new technologies. 

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