Five Websites for Professional Development of Cultural Managers

The best way to stay abreast of trends and innovations in cultural management is to visit international conferences and meetings, collaborate with partners from other countries and disciplines and keep track of recent studies, handbooks and official publications. We have rounded up the websites that help cultural professionals all over the world. These platforms include lectures, podcasts, databases with open calls and useful publications.


The goal of this resource is to reduce the gap between academics and activists from the cultural sector. The authors explain recent studies in a clear way; select the main ideas and conclusions for non-academics who want to apply this knowledge to their work. On the website, you will find insights into such areas as consumer behaviour, fundraising, digital engagement and developing new audiences. Also, you can study the influence of culture and arts on society, the economy and education, and learn how to evaluate the influence of your own organisation.


This platform will be interesting for museum specialists and workers. The author of the project, Elena Villaespesa, is a Digital Media Analyst at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition, she researches how the social media impact museums and their audiences. On the website, you will find visualisations, for instance, of how creative organisations use audience data or of data literacy in cultural and creative organisations. It is a comprehensible way to get the main ideas from PhD research that is also published on arts&metrics.

Lecture in Progress

It is an online educational platform for creative souls who want to gain new skills and climb the ladder of success. On the website, you will find advice from the heads of creative companies on how to create a portfolio, communicate with clients and initiate your own project. Moreover, the authors curate a selection of interviews, lectures and documentaries on design, fashion and entrepreneurship, which will be your guide to trends and innovations in cultural and creative industries.

Cultural Learning Alliance

This platform will be useful for cultural activists who work with youth. It is a UK-oriented platform, but still, you can explore their cases and download the studies. For instance, you can find publications about children’s participation in the arts or learn about the key research findings supporting the case for cultural learning in the UK.

Lord Cultural Resources

The website of this international organisation is also full of free studies, examples of events and projects. The Lord Cultural Resources website specialises in planning services in the museum, cultural and heritage sector. They have offices in NY, Toronto, Beijing and Mumbai. Among their clients are the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the National Museum of Belize. On the website, you can download the manuals of museum management, planning and exhibitions from the website, as well as books on connections between arts and energy.

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