Focus On Your Creative Output To Drive Funding

Working as an artist or culture creator isn't always easy. Especially for immigrants and those who have moved to new countries, establishing yourself as a creative professional isn't easy. While there are resources to help you tackle these challenges, your best advantage is your own skill set and previous works.

Review Your Previous Works To Identify The Best

Art, writing, and other creative pursuits are inherently subjective. Your education, upbringing, and aesthetics will impact how you respond to a piece of art. In other words, the way you view a piece of art may not be the way that others do.

While reviewing your own professional works, it's important to keep that in mind. Focus not only on the pieces that you feel are the most powerful but also the ones that have had the best critical response and commercial success. More popular pieces that have sold or gotten placed in art galleries could help you develop more successful pieces in the future.

Know What Makes Your Work Stand Out From Other's Products

Your worldview, personal experience and unique skill-set create a unique opportunity for fresh art and cultural offerings. You need to take the time to analyse both the work you have produced and the critical reception of that work. Doing so will help you see what makes you different than others in your field.

Embracing your own unique talents and perspective can help you stand out from others making similar products. Whether you are a sculptor or a photographer, identifying your own niche can help you better target those who will be receptive to the aesthetic and message of your work. Instead of avoiding reviews, read them carefully, as well as any feedback you receive from others in your field.

Be Willing To Try Again If Necessary

Part of being a creator is embracing the potential for rejection. You may find that it takes some time to connect with a program or institution that values your work. That doesn't mean that you should give up. Instead, you should look at any rejection as an opportunity to find a better fit for your style and your focus.

Funding Can Help Drive Attention to Your Art and Your Message

Far too many artists give up on the idea of financial or commercial success. They may compromise and choose a career that they find less exciting. As an artist, you are a cultural ambassador for your nation of origin and your community. Accessing funding and getting public attention for your work can help ensure that people hear your message.  Working to connect with funding and support can help you improve awareness of the issues that matter to you and allow you more time and resource to focus on your work.

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