Four resources about gender equality in arts and culture

Here you can find more information about the difficulties that women meet in arts, suggestions how to protect the rights as well as learn more about the most important feminist artistic works.

Gender Equality: Heritage and Creativity

This UNESCO's report revises different researches and case studies on gender studies and women's empowerment. It highlights the main problems such as limited participation of women in decision-making positions, women's unequal share of unpaid care work; poor employment conditions and etc. But also it includes recommendations for governments and decision-makers as well as interviews with artists, creators and other cultural professionals across the globe.

Feminist Art

On this website, you can learn the key ideas and the most important artistic works of the feminist movement. There are also gathered videos, links and books that will help you to explore the issues of feminist art and criticism and even works written by artists.

Get the Facts

Did you know that 51% of visual artists today are women? On the website of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, you will find the fact sheet and infographic about women in the arts. The museum is located in Washington and was founded in 1987. It is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognising women’s creative contributions.


Gender equality in education and work allows a society to reach its full human potential and become the most productive and resourceful nation it can be. Although Australia has come a long way in our access to education for women, it still has a long way to go to increase women’s economic participation and workplace opportunities. Gender bias, challenges with child care, lack of workplace flexibility and inequity in pay means that a lesser amount of women are able to fulfil their career potential due to social and structural limitations. So where are we now and how did we get here? Novoresume has created timeline and some useful statistics to get you up to date.

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