Fresh Ideas: Tools and Practices for Cultural Managers

Here is an absolutely practical toolkit for cultural centres professionals that aims to improve your cultural management skills and draw the roadmap for future projects.

Use Association Technique as a Writing Tool

It will help you outline your next steps as a cultural worker. Association technique follows three rules. First, write as fast as you can—don’t reread, analyse or control your ideas — just let them appear on the paper quickly. Second, be raw. Use the first words that come to your mind — this is a good way to get rid of self-censorship. And finally, stick to the point. This means accepting the ideas that come and not dwelling on details.

Start to Perform Internationally

First, you will get an opportunity explore a new working environment. Second, it will expand your network better than any social media contacts. Third, you will gain confidence. Also, international exchanges and work will improve your adaptability to new situations — you will encounter new methodologies and connect local issues to the global context.

Improve your Conflict Resolution Skills

Listen to your colleague, and try to understand her or his feelings and needs. Together you can examine possible solutions and choose the one that will satisfy all the parties to the conflict. After these stages, bring the ideas to life and evaluate the result. Sometimes conflicts are not just about negativity. They can boost the learning process too. So, try to find solutions useful for your projects.

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