Fundraising with Tim Williams: A New Online Course

Tim Williams, the leader of the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme, talks about finding financial donors for cultural initiatives.

This online course will teach you the main stages of attracting donors to projects: from research and finding the necessary donor to possible restructuring and establishing personal contacts.

Tim Williams has managed international projects in culture for over 20 years and he has worked in more than 45 countries, including all the countries of the Eastern Partnership.

This course will be useful for you if:

You know where to start: Tim Williams suggests breaking up the application process into several stages and puts forward a strategy that will help you to go beyond talking.

You want to understand what kind of funding your organisation needs. The lecturer recommends you undertake preliminary research and devotes a whole lecture to this process.

If you are planning to establish a personal relationship with the donor. The expert says that the necessary donor could be receiving up to 20 applications a day, even without an open call. You have to understand how this sector works. The best way to stand out in a long list is to meet the representatives of the foundations and prove the merits of your organisation. Drawing on personal experience, Tim uses several examples to illustrate how to achieve this.

The lecture will take no longer than 30 minutes of your time. After completing a short test, you will receive a free certificate from the Programme.

If you are working in the creative industries or planning to implement a cultural or social project, you should also consider the Programme’s other courses given by European experts, such as Strategic Planning, Project Proposal Writing and Finance for Creative Organisations.

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