Key numbers: impact of “Culture and Creativity” Programme in the EaP region

During three years from February 2015 to January 2018, the Programme was supporting the role of culture and creativity in the social and economic development of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

In the last 36 months, the Programme has run 252 event attended by 33,977 people.  The Programme produced, 870 website articles, 171 case studies and 14 online courses. Four million people read about the Programme in the local media, 570,000 visited the web site, 436,692 read the case studies, 27,267 joined the Facebook page and 5,300 received certificates for online courses.

But more than the numbers, the Programme’s impact has been broad and wide, including: 

  • Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers used the structure of the Programme’s Functional Review of the Ministry of Culture as a template for evaluations of nine other ministries

  • Georgia’s Culture 2025 Strategy and Georgia’s Roadmap for Culture were developed jointly with the support of the Programme

  • The only monitor of cultural policy for the region, the Eastern Partnership Cultural Observatory distributed its first monthly bulletin in November 2017 to 3,500 culture experts

  • In Belarus a creative hub has been established in Svitlogorsk, as a result of the Creative Towns and Regions Initiative

  • A policy brief by Associates in Ukraine influenced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ decision making in the development of the new Ukrainian Institute

  • The Culture Matters PR campaign in Ukraine led to the third largest political party adding the development of creative industries to its programme

  • Three trainees were founders of the Creative Industries Association in Moldova which will be responsible for running Moldova’s first Creative Hub

Increased number of EaP Programme participants have established formal links with EU-based partners:

  • 12 EaP organisations have partners in Poland

  • 24 Creative Europe study tour participants have contacts  in the Czech Republic

  • 24 Creative Europe study tour participants have contacts in Slovenia

  • 50 Moldovans registered online with the Creative Europe Programme 

Increased membership of European networks by EaP cultural and creative sector organisations:

  • 50% of the region has joined Creative Europe. Armenia  and Azerbaijan are close to joining

  • 28% of selected networks now have new members from the EaP since 2015.

The team of the project hopes that the sustainable impact will last through partner’s projects, networks and educational initiative including:

  • EaP Cultural Observatory started publication in November. It plans to work as an NGO for all of 2018 and seeks continuing support;

  • Ukrainian and Belarusian Associates started self-organising;

  • Online courses, translated handbooks and database remain a popular and unrivalled resource.

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