At the request of the European Creative Business Network, more than 100 surveys 12 depth interviews and analysis of 200 hubs were carried out. The results of this research provide a starting point for understanding who are creative hubs, what they do and the support they need

So, Creative Hubs are organisations that use their space or infrastructure for networking, organisational and business development within the cultural and creative industries sector. The research showed that:

  • There are a huge variety of creative hubs with a range of public and private organisations running them. This diversity makes it hard to provide effective support to the sector as a whole. One in three hubs receive no public funding. Future research should break hubs down into subgroups, as they have different business models and thus need different support.

  • All hubs aim to make a difference to businesses, economies and communities.

  • 84% of hubs said that they help freelancers work more effectively, be socially connected, productive and happy.

  • 76% of hubs said that they support local creative economy.

  • 74% of hubs invest part of their income into making their buildings and neighbouring buildings into artwork.

  • To fully unfold their potential, hubs need help when dealing with problems that they face. Hub managers identified three main spheres where support is required: management, improving the services offered, as well as marketing and branding.

  • All hubs need investment. 42% of all European hubs are non-profit organisations, 27% are partly government-funded, and 7% work as part of a university structure.

  • 90% of hubs are optimistic about the future. Their managers say that they feel recognition from the creative industries, enthusiasm of their members and that their time has come.

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