Learn about the 30 Best Renovation Practices in the Languages of Eastern Partnership

The EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme will translate Design Handbook for Cultural Centres into the six languages of the region (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Georgian, Romanian and Ukrainian). The book explores 30 cultural spaces, mostly from Europe, as cases of urban renovation and civil and cultural activism.

The author of the handbook, Peter Lényi, started his investigation from Budapest in 2011, and since then he has gathered 123 stories from cultural spots. These texts are about the difficulties of renovating and the benefits that such places bring to communities. The handbook consists of interviews, pictures, and diagrams that will be useful for both architects and other professionals.

The form of the edition is clear and comprehensible, and the author gives readers an opportunity to form their own opinion about the handbook. As Peter writes in the foreword, “The presentation of information is restrained, even crude, free of anything superfluous. The vehicle is sometimes a picture, sometimes text. I wanted to interpret the world as I have seen it—without stylization and with a minimum of my own comments—so as not to reduce the range of possible interpretations and applications.”

In the Handbook, you'll be able to find cases that differ in ways of financing, cost, duration, and location. For instance, the Lodz-based Art Factory shared its experience of building a business model. The authors of the project adapted economic and administrative principles from the non-cultural sector. Their aim was to produce economic and social value, as well as avoiding the “grant-taking” model. You will also come across many examples of using unique places to create cultural centres. For instance, the story about the Slovak train station that has gained an art space, while still functioning as a station, or the one about the music hall on the ship in Budapest.

You will be able to download the Design Handbook for Cultural Centres in your language from our website or order a copy from our coordinators in the nearest time.

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