Strategy for cultural diversity: how to start?

Practical Tips from Monica Montgomery, the Head of Museum Hue.

One day Monica Montgomery found herself to be the only black female in a room of white faces. She dubbed the situation ridiculous in 2016 and said that it was a reason to challenge monolithic culture.The Director of Museum Hue decided to publish suggestions on how to implement diversity. Here are some of them:

  • The team that consists of people with different backgrounds and identifications will produce unique ideas and approaches and can address a wider audience.
  • You can launch a diversity strategy in a company by going to schools and colleges, talking to people about their opportunities.
  • Companies can connect with other art institutions to discuss the problem of inequality and invest in diversity training.
  • A diversity strategy can be implemented by changing the ways of formatting and publishing vacancies. For instance, you can expand or change the platforms where you look for new employees, try to review applications without personal information or break down the hierarchy of education in job descriptions, and instead focus on essential skills. 

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