Museum marketing – a solution for attracting visitors in museums

Today museums worldwide, especially in Moldova, compete to capture the attention, time and money of the public.

We can not hope for a better financing of museums starting tomorrow, so there is a process of rethinking the museum as a public institution serving the society and being open to the public. A museum plays a vital role in modern society and does not duplicate any of the existing socio-cultural institutions, but brings its original contribution to science, culture, education and tourism.

Museums in Moldova are always looking for new ways of working and attract the public to the museum. Besides the temporary exhibitions hosted, museums organize a series of cultural activities.

Painting and sculpture, awaiting visitors at the National Art Museum of Moldova

National Art Museum of Moldova employed a good practice aiming at attracting more visitors, such as temporary exhibitions of national and foreign artists. In 2016, the museum has hosted over 30 exhibitions. "During exhibitions we organize guides and various activities. We focus on young audiences, thus educating the public of tomorrow", said Veronica Galcenco, deputy director of the National Art Museum in Moldova.

In the museum also operates the creative studio. The workshops aim at cultivating the taste for beauty and art, and activities are mostly for children.

"After seeing the exhibition halls with children, we go into the studio and by theme, and do hands-on activities. If we talk about the portrait, then we try to reproduce portraits or some works", is telling us Veronica Galcenco.

Museum puts a special emphasis on youth. During the meetings organized within the framework of events such as "Hello, Mr. Artist", groups of children participate in discussions with artists in their field.

In addition to workshops and exhibitions, the museum tries to attract audiences through musical evenings organized within the institution’s premises, thus combining painting and music, especially classical music.

Last summer, the Chişinău audience enjoyed a musical evening bolstered by young artists from Moldova, who study abroad. Moldo-Crescendo Festival managed to gather public of all ages at the National Art Museum of Moldova, being entertained with music by Mozart, Bach and Enescu.

In the future, MNAM aims to organize concerts every month, entitled “Museum evenings”, which is a technique to attract the public lover of classical music.

The article was drawn up in cooperation with the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme 2015-2018

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