Cultural Event Guide: 5 Steps to a Not-To-Be-Missed Festival

Nata Albot, TV producer and founder of the KLumea Association, which annually organizes three festivals: "Mai dulce" – dedicated to desserts, “Lavender Fest” and "Ia Mania", a festival dedicated to traditional clothing, tells us how to organize properly a festival and what components ensure its success.

1. Volunteers – the first very important resource 

“Without volunteers we would do nothing. You don't need to persuade them; we do a call-out and they enroll, come and participate with great joy. The truth is that they are not qualified and we invest huge efforts in low-skilled people: invest in punctuality, deadlines... However, we take all the risks, because we have no choice.”

2. The Non-financial Contribution of Sponsors

“The physical effort made by the volunteers is great and once this effort passes, it is harder to get them back in the second year. They grow, their needs grow as well. However, we found plausible mechanisms to support volunteers: we offer them gifts that we get from sponsors. Gadgets, headphones, cosmetic products – all we can get from sponsors to support our volunteers.”

3. Ability to Reorient Quickly

“Two years ago we had a situation where the contract was signed, the promotional campaign started and the sponsor informed us in the last minute that it would not make the payment and would not participate. In a situation it is very important to reorient yourself. Yeah, that doesn't mean we will continue eating ice cream three times a day. We'll probably just drink juice or mint tea, but we will find a solution.”

4. Ability to Control Emotions

“In such moments it is very important to control the panic that involuntarily overwhelms you, because other people depend on you – it is not just you alone. I think there are no situations without solutions; but I also think that there are managers who are not able to reorient and find these solutions.”

5. Proper Communication of the Event: Visual Images with Very Few Words

“Images convey all the words you want to say. We should use short interviews of 1-1.5 minutes, accompanied by large-size text on the screen, some video clips that will not require 10 minutes to understand the idea. You make a summary, combine the information for them and put it on the screen. Today, the culture is much more accessible to the public thanks to the Internet; I have learned about the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Project also thanks to the new information technologies.”

*Bonus: Go local. 

The last secret ingredient of Nata Albot for a successful festival is not actually a secret, so we can tell you. The common feature of festivals organized by her team, but also of other popular festivals from the recent years, is that they take place in the province, often in villages or even near villages. So, rediscover your country.

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