Papaya Young Creators 9 has started!


The 9th edition of the Papaya Young Creators competition has just started! This year, participants have the opportunity to create commercials, music videos, and films for TikTok! The deadline for submissions is February 28.


To take part, contestants should write down an idea for a film as a response to a task given by the partners. It should be submitted via the contestant account on the Papaya Young Creators website
In this year's edition, contestants can create materials for four categories:

  • Branded Stories (with such brands as Porsche, Philips, Modivo) 
  • Music Stories (with artists from Czechia, Spain, and Poland) 
  • Creative Playground by TikTok and its subcategories: TikTok Branded Stories and Tiktok Unique Stories

The deadline for submitting ideas is Feb 28.
Note: none of the partners have an influence on ideas and the production process. 
Over the years, finalists of the competition have produced successful projects: advertising campaigns, music videos, or branded content. Talents including Nils HansenMilda Baginskaite, and Bara HalirovaJiri Horensky, have enriched their portfolios with experience in international production supported by Papaya Young Creators jury members. 

Papaya Young Creators is an initiative of the Papaya Films creative production company, which operates worldwide through offices in Warsaw, London, New York and Lisbon.


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