A policy brief for Culture & Creativity EU-Eastern Partnership Programme.

One of strategic goals in the long-term strategy for the development of Ukrainian culture, the reform strategy1is: “Establishing inter-sectoral cooperation at all levels”. 

However, the conditions that need to be created in order to realise this strategic priority remain unclear at present.    

For Ukraine collaboration is a creative process that is only just starting to be used. These collaborations tend to be poorly organised and often with a vague understanding of the term and its proper applications. There are examples of organisations in Ukraine that are already working on solving this problem, such as the Ukrainian Cultural Network and Congress of Cultural Activists.  

There are several options for improving cooperation between various cultural sectors: 

1. Create a Cross-Sector Collaboration Network through an online resource;

2. Establish a new organisation;

3. Initiate private initiatives to organise communication and educational programmes;

4. Create cross sector collaboration within existing projects;

5. Create more clusters.   

A comprehensive approach that includes all five options is the most desirable to develop inter-sectoral collaboration. However one of these options that could be prioritised is Option 4.   


Initiate cross-cultural collaboration within existing events so that participants can try, analyse and assess the advantages and disadvantages of working together. 

Policy Brief (EN)

Policy Brief (UA)


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