Mainstreaming Moldovan Culture, Cultural Leaders and Organisations in Europe

A policy brief for the Culture & Creativity EU-Eastern Partnership Programme.

After 25 years of independence Moldova now has the opportunity to share its culture and values more widely across Europe. But this is a relatively new activity.

Moldova’s culture and creative industries sector are starting to develop, but one important issue that limits Moldova’s cultural integration is the need for cultural strategies and policies, which consolidate the link between civil society and government.

Therefore, the 10 steps to stimulating international collaboration in culture are:

• Involve European volunteers

• Increase public-private cross-collaboration in film promotion abroad

• Focus on training young filmmakers in international grant applications

• Develop a state fund for marketing Moldovan film festivals

• Make better use of the visa waiver regime

• Donors could evaluate the experience of key people

• Monitor cultural organizations’ membership of European networks

• Develop trust-building among professionals

• Develop an integrated approach to Diaspora engagement

• Encourage artists to continue participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

The key to the success or failure of these 10 steps is ensuring diversity.

Policy Brief (EN)

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