The European Union-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme launched the Creative Towns and Regions Initiative to highlight the importance of culture and creativity in small and medium sized towns and regions. The Initiative introduces a practical approach for towns and regions in the Eastern Partnership countries to use the local cultural and creative potential for social and economic development.

Shamkir local administration has provided the following justification for its aspiration for being designated as a pilot town within the Creative Towns and Regions Initiative: 

  • The region has ancient history, rich and diverse cultural resources, qualified and industrious human capacity, that’s why achieving positive changes in cultural development have been targeted as an actual agenda.

  • The district’s objectives are to better use available resources and opportunities, help local people express their cultural identity, and in the meantime to feel themselves connected to the world culture, turn Shamkir into a region attracting the visitors with its vibrant and colourful culture.

  • Currently, the nationwide objective is to shift from government subsidies to independent and responsible self-financed initiatives. Support to local creative production, bringing into motion the tourism attraction factors (ancient archaeological excavation sites, historical German settlement, eco-tourism capacity, production of well-known wines and brandy) by enhancing them with cultural content, nurturing of the elements of digital culture based on vast local intellectual potential can benefit from analysis and implementation of best practices across Europe as well as from comparison and exchange of experience accumulated in Eastern Partnership member countries, their cities and regions.


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