Social cohesion through culture: the case of Australian NGO

The Cultural Infusion Foundation uses arts, education and even mobile apps to boost intercultural understanding among children and youth in Australia and around the world. The organisation initiates a lot of different programs and events and we select three the most interesting cases of promoting cultural diversity.

1.    Educational programmes for schools. The Intercultural Citizenship Ambassadors Program is a course for primary and secondary schools that helps the students aged from 9 to 14 develop intercultural understanding. In the modern globalised world, the ability to communicate in the intercultural environment is one of the general competencies. The course consists of 16 sessions. You can download the program overview and summary on the website.

2.    The power of dance. Cultural Infusion initiates different dance activities to build social cohesion within Australian communities. For instance, they organise dance troupes for young people aged 12-25 with different cultural background. Through performing arts, young people become aware of the issues of HIV, racism and bullying. Another interesting initiative is Tough Chicks which combine hip-hop and self-defense for young women.

3.    Travel to promote equality. Cultural Infusion also creates the international two-week tours. During this time participants visit local communities and take part in performing art projects. In addition, CI initiates performance troupes for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. These dance classes help them to develop leadership skills and creative thinking.

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