The most notable cultural initiatives in Belarus

Tatiana Poshevalova, the manager of the EuroBelarus international programme, names contemporary cultural phenomena and successful cultural projects in Belarus
  • LiteratureSvetlana Alexievich, Ales Ryazanov. The works of Svetlana Alexievich and the recognition she received have put Belarus on a new level, made us “visible” in the international cultural space. The topics she raises in her works are very topical. Ales Ryazanov is interesting in my view for his philosophical reflections as a writer and as an interlocutor. There are few authors today who are quoted and who the Belarusian intelligentsia takes as a reference. A. Ryazanov is one of them. 
  • EducationThe flying University initiative. This is an educational project that carries out the biggest part of its work in the sphere of culture – history, relationship to heritage, design and other highly professional fields. The project stands out for its very high level. 
  • Urban cultural spaces. Vitebsk4me initiative, Vitebsk. This work is interesting as a model of the interaction between cultural initiatives with city authorities. Vitebsk is a unique example. The authorities there listen to independent creative groups and it is a very good foundation for collaboration. Vitebsk4me is the initiative of two young producers who have engaged the city’s intellectual bohemia in thinking about Vitebsk’s cultural space in the discussion of these questions with local authorities. 
  • Music. Guda folk band is interesting folklore music in my opinion. The Riviera Quartet is a group of performers of classical music, including Belarusian music. 
  • Contemporary Belarusian photography. I would mark this genre as a separate phenomenon. The art of photography has become prominent lately due to its interesting projects. It is a growing and exciting cultural sector. 
  • Public Belarusian language courses - Mova Nanova.
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