The countries of the Eastern Partnership are a culturally pulsating region

The 26 participating managers, students and journalists from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine took part in the study tour to the Czech Republic.

The study tour organized as a part of the Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme jointly with the Creative Europe Desk – Culture, in collaboration with the Arts and Theatre Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The study tour was focused on strengthening cultural and creative fields, expanding international cooperation, and establishing new contacts.

Besides lectures and workshops, the participants also attendув tours and meetings with representatives of selected institutions, including Karlin Barracks, Creative Prague (KREP), DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art, MeetFactory, Archa Theatre, Jatka 78, University of West Bohemia, DEPO2015 and Moving Station in Pilsen; they can  also visit the Innovation Expo. 

The participants of the study tour include representatives of heritage institutions, educational institutions and public administration, as well as managers from various artistic fields, for example  Anton Ovchinnikov, the artistic director of Ukraine’s Zelyonka Festival of Contemporary Dance, Zviad Eliziani, the manager of Batumi Art-House Argani/BIAFF Film Festival (Batumi, Georgia), and Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr., Moldovan film producer and director of the Youbesc Creative Institute (Dax Tandem). The group was joined by four  winners of the TeamLAB student competition, which brings together members of various professions with the aim of developing creative projects and products.

“The countries of the Eastern Partnership are a culturally pulsating region. There are many examples here of remarkable creativity and innovative approaches. What cultural institutions in these countries need most is to be integrated into Europe’s cultural networks and to engage in partnerships with colleagues from the EU. This meeting with our colleagues from the east is an excellent opportunity for Czech cultural representatives as well,” said Ragnar Siil in confirming the importance of the programme.



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