Unlimited Commissioning Programme: 20 Helpful Resources

Below are some resources to help improve your understanding of and confidence in working with disabled people, and to aid in making your work or organisation more diverse, accessible and inclusive.


·    Animation to help explain the Social Model of Disabilityhttp://weareunlimited.org.uk/social-model-disability-animation/ 

·    Short blog explains more about how the Social Model works - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/the-social-model-of-disability/

·    Language is an important aspect to working in an inclusive environment. If you aren’t feeling confident about the language you use, this blog is here to help - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/disability-confident-etiquette/ and there is a longer more discursive piece here - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/is-disability-a-dirty-word/

·    ‘Demystifying Access is a resource pack for peers, performance makers and producers in the small- to mid-scale on how to create better access for audiences to the performing arts - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/demystifying-access-a-resource-pack-for-the-performing-arts/

·    Marketing - Senior Producer Jo Verrent wrote a blog with some top marketing tips - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/top-tips-for-accessible-marketing-2/ and a guide with the Arts Marketing Association - http://www.culturehive.co.uk/resources/an-accessible-marketing-guide/

·    Fiona Slater reflected on Audio Description here - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/were-talking-audio-description/

International case studies

·         On Unfixed http://weareunlimited.org.uk/unlimited-international-case-study-2017-unfixed-by-sarah-pickthall/

·         On international placements - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/international-placement-case-study-17/

·         On touring a Japanese exhibition of work by Outsider Artists - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/case-study-nama-ato/

·         On International travel - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/unlimited-international-case-study-2017-access-world-unlimited-international-travel/

·         On International collaborations http://weareunlimited.org.uk/international-collaborations-case-study/

·         On working with IETM - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/ietm-case-study/


·         All Unlimited commissions are searchable on the website - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/commissions/

·         And there are videos of some of the work on Unlimited Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/unlimitedonfilm/videos

Further resources

·      If you want to know more about how Unlimited is run, there is also an independent case study available on Unlimited working methods - http://weareunlimited.org.uk/a-balancing-act/

·      Links regarding the Training and Auditing services and resources at Shape: https://shapearts.org.uk/Pages/News/Category/services and https://shapearts.org.uk/Pages/News/Category/resources

Photo by Rachel Cherry

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