This article lists European crowdfunding platforms working for the development of culture projects and those wishing to support them.

Ulule, France

Since its founding in 2010, Ulule has helped raise funds for over 4,900 creative, innovation or civic projects with a 67% success rate. Ulule became the first platform with two ways to collect money: a project manager could put up an amount needed for project implementation or arrange a pre-sale of merchandise (services).

Crowdculture, Sweden

The financing method is an interesting feature of this crowdfunding platform. The project can attract the funds of both private investors and state funds (from the culture budget of the country). The share of state money depends on the number of votes received by the project among platform participants.  

Goteo, Spain

This platform is not just for joint fundraising for socially important projects but also for their further joint implementation. Goteo also has a unique financing methodology carried out in two rounds lasting 40 days each. The task of the first round is to collect a minimum amount for project launch. During the second round, an optimal sum is collected for project improvement.

Derev, Italy

This is a strong interactive platform in Italy for introduction of social innovations. It provides opportunities not only for project fundraising but also for collecting signatures for petitions and ordering air time to broadcast statements or interviews.

Wemakeit, Switzerland

This is the largest Swiss platform for creative industries. In addition, Wemakeit supports non-profit organizations by financing their projects and helping to develop their communities. During the last two years the platform helped to launch 550 projects for the total sum of 4 million Swiss francs.

Ulej and Talaka, Belarus

Progressive world trends reached Belarus as well; the first crowdfunding platforms were also implemented here. Ulej and Talaka allow collecting funds for any good purpose, but for now social and cultural field as well as everything associated with national and cultural identity are the most popular.  

Spilnokosht (Biggggidea), Ukraine

Biggggidea aims to develop a strong and open society and implement desired systemic change. Spilnokosht collects funds for projects in education, health care, literature, music, journalism, and research.  

YguruYogur, Azerbaijan

A new crowdfunding platform created with the support of Azerbaijan Youth Fund is also directed at culture projects implementation. For now, only a beta version of the website in the Azerbaijani language is available. 

StudentBackr, Spain 

A Madrid-based crowdfunding startup specialising in education, operating in North America and Europe. Provides students with a platform to fund the money they need to cover any shortfalls in the financing of their college tuition, travel and living costs, study abroad projects, PhD’s… etc. For more information, check out studentbackr.com 

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