10 quotes about the design future from European trend-watchers

European experts and creative industries representatives gathered at the Creative Business Conference CREASCOPE-2018 in Kyiv to discuss how innovations change our world, and how to reason and live facing these rapid changes. We have collected most relevant thoughts and ideas from the inspiring speeches by a sociologist and anthropologist Mateusz Halawa and a design, business and innovations trend analyst Zuzanna Skalska.
  1. The design is over here not to look like something; it’s here to do something. Objects can do something ethical.

  2. It's not only about the relationship between a designer and a user, it’s also about the one between the society and a user.

  3. User-friendly design in our world is an exception. Most of the time design is actually trying to tell users what to do.

  4. The way we can change and shape our society is the architecture of choices.

  5. Take design tools and apply them to the way people interact. If you want people to live healthier, design a cafe the way it’s easier to grab a carrot than soda.

  6. Users don’t always know what problems they have. Designers should think about those problems for them and solve it. 

  7. The world will change more in the next few decades than it had in the previous few centuries. But also the word ‘change’ is too soft, it is ‘the disruption’.

  8. If you want to know what is the future of the market you're working on, you have to make it yourself. If you're not making it, you're simply copying it.

  9. Eastern European countries should understand their luxury, they still have many things that Western Europe doesn’t have.

  10. Anything is possible in this world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).
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