Top 5 articles of the week for museum staff

A small selection of interesting publications, addressed to people whose work or hobby related to museums and art galleries.
  1. When you walk in the streets of Milan, it seems that its classic architecture is somehow cold and austere. But behind many facades, you can find gardens—beautiful and carefully hidden. 2015 year Milan Design Week focused on this unique aspect of the Milanese spirit, allowing visitors to get access to some of its most magnificent palazzos. Palazzo Bocconi, Palazzo Crespi and Palazzo Serbelloni. Site-specific installations in neoclassical palazzos wowed at the annual design fair. Find more details about this incredible event you can find in the article by Paolo Ferrarini.
  2. Do you know, that South Korea has the highest number of private art museums in the world? The Private Art Museum Report is one of the first systematic efforts to understand and analyze rapid spread of private museums over the world. Alexandra Seno explains in her article why this research is so important for predicting future of private museums. 
  3. Those days are gone when people, visiting the art gallery, just stood before something and admire it for a certain amount of time. Today people are hunting for active “multy sensory” experiences. Is it for good or bad? To answer this question Rachel Stoplar asked five London's curators and creators about “interactive art” and future of art galleries. Their answers you can find in her article “What Is The Future Of London's Art Scene?”.
  4. Every year Elizabeth Merritt, head of the Center for the Future of Museums, writes her annual “TrendsWatch” report. Her TrendsWatch 2016 is focused on two main social issues – a transformation in how we work and our measurement of happiness. Philip Kennicott in his essay tries to understand how these issues influence the life of museums. 
  5. Where and when should we start cultural education of children? Paula Wallace, President and Founder, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), who used to be an elementary school teacher, shares her experience and proves that museums can be the starting point of cultural education. More details you can find in her essay “Children Are the Future of Museums”.
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