Improve Your CV: 5 Certificates for Cultural Managers

Specialisation is one of the important steps on a person’s career ladder. Finding your niche is not easy. Firstly, you should understand what you really want to do, and, secondly, get the required education and training in your field of choice. We have gathered five online courses to help you learn about the different specialisations in cultural management and improve your knowledge.

Activism and Social Movements

This online course is expressly designed for activists, artists and thinkers who wish to better understand and participate in social change. Artists and experts from around the world will discuss socially engaged art. The organisers also promise that the learning process will offer challenging options for listeners through its practical components, local projects and critical feedback. The course was designed by Duke University and it spans 7 weeks starting 21 November.

Strategic Planning

This online course will be of interest to people who wish to use the achievements of business strategies to implement cultural initiatives. The course lecturer, David Parrish, an expert in cultural and creative industries, is the author of several books for entrepreneurs, including “T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity” devoted to striking a balance between creativity and marketing. You can take the course in just one hour and learn how to find your niche, analyse the market and evaluate your activities. The course is organised by the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme.

Trafficking in Antiquities and Art Crime

In this unusual course designed by experts from the University of Glasgow, you will learn how to protect cultural heritage from theft and illegal sale. The experts have combined cutting-edge research in the fields of criminology, archaeology, the history of art and law to shed light on the grey market for stolen art. The course is three weeks long. Registration started on 3 October, so don’t waste any more time to get a chance to take the course and get a certificate. 

Advocacy Course

If you wish to contribute to social change, this short course will become a good guide. It covers the whole process of launching a campaign: from determining the root cause of the problem to working with an audience and evaluating outcomes. You will be able to examine cases of successful campaigns and learn how to prepare an advocacy materials package and lobby for solutions at the political level. The course is organised by the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme and takes just an hour to complete.

Urban Sociology for a Globalising World

This course is useful for students and practising managers who want to learn more about urbanism. You will learn the main concepts and examine real-life cases of large and industrial cities. A big portion of the course focuses on the popular concept of smart cities. This eight-week long course touches on the problems of inequality, integration, sustainable development and issues of social control. The course is organised by the Paris Institute of Political Studies or Sciences Po and begins on 31 October.

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