Five Steps to Strengthen Your Professional Portfolio

Anastasia Nurzhinskaya, a communications expert, shares tips on how to plan your career in the most efficient way.
  • Analyse the requirements for your dream job and the points you need to strengthen: those will be your objectives for the year (the so-called compliance table, where you put requirements in the first column, and the level at which you meet them and what you need to elaborate, in the second one) 

  • Complete online courses, such as the ones by Culture and Creativity, to improve your skills and CV 

  • Schedule to visit five professional events in your area: it will help you to establish connections and find inspiration 

  • Choose your niche and start using social networks actively to build up a personal brand (share experiences, post links to interesting websites)

  • Focus on the result or a specific project (even if the current job does not provide you with the opportunity to fulfil your potential in full, consider your own project or a volunteer project that you can work on) 

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