Creative Armenia Business Challenge seeks to promote creativity and culture as a tool for improving lives in Armenia and in the region. The Armenia Business Challenge will provide resource and mentorship support for most innovative startups to realize their ideas into viable business models.
The main objective of the programme is to provide the team's quick entry into the marketplace. The program will allow organizers to test how effectively the startup team members can work together, how good they are at teambuilding and investing their talent in startup, and to see whether they can make their business model work.
Creative Armenia Business Challenge is open to aspiring entrepreneurs, who are 18 years and older and who have an idea of a startup or have already founded one in one of the following industries:
Performing arts, Audiovisual arts, Technology, Design and publishing, Music, Cultural management.
Creative Armenia Business Challenge will give you and your team the opportunity to transform your idea into a feasible business model with the help of experienced mentors. Upon the completion of the project involving work with mentors, industry experts and professionals from more than 50 teams, only 7 top teams will be selected to pitch their business ideas to our distinguished judges. The top 3 winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony on 11 June, 2017.
The deadline for receipt of an idea submission is May 25, 2017. Apply here
If you are an experienced professional, successful entrepreneur, business executive, business consultant, angel investor with a passion of shaping a new generation of creative entrepreneurs, then the Creative Armenia Business Challenge is for you!  Join the Creative Armenia Business Challenge as a mentor and have your own contribution to the rapidly-growing startup community in Armenia by helping the younger generation realize their ideas!  Should you want to join our handpicked group of mentors and coaches and if you have enough experience and passion to give back and to have a transforming impact on our communities, join the program now and submit your Mentor Application Form by 25 May, 2017 here


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