Are you at loss of what to give your art-loving friends as a present? How to make your present both useful and original? The Guardian shared some of their ideas with its readers.

Christmas tree decorations with portrait of David Bowie

The legendary photo taken by Brian Duffy in 1973 made it to the cover of Aladdin Sane album. Later this very album got into the Top 500 greatest albums of all times according to the Rolling Stone magazine. Christmas ball ornaments with this image on can add a completely brand new touch to your Christmas tree and positively surprise your friends.

Architecture masterclass by Frank Gehry

Do you know somebody who is dreaming of becoming a new Frank Gehry figure in the field but doesn't know what to start with? MasterClass Agency from San Francisco has created a 17-session video course that offers numerous insightful recommendations from one of the greatest architects of our day and age. Here you have a wide spectrum to choose from prototyping to business management.

Ingmar Bergman's maps of Sweden

Would you care to travel the most important locations for the genius of art cinematography? Ingmar Bergman Foundation has created a series of elegant designer maps that will help you form a rout following the footsteps of the great Swedish film director. How about tasting some wild strawberries in Uppsala or visiting the Faro Island?

The Good Opera Guide

This is the best ever opera guide by Denis Forman. Today, with 25 years done since this book was first published, it still remains the best tool to navigate the intricate world of opera. The down-to-earth plain approach by Forman is the source of critics' dread, but opera lovers feel and share his passion to this form of art.

Disneyland Story

Taschen publishing house has done a comprehensive study with its results forming the base of a wonderful book. Here you can learn about the birth of uncle Wolt's utopia vision, see the sketches of each construction stage, as well as read more about history of California in the mid of the last century. The book will hit the stores only in January, but you can already pre-order it.

Brutalist Calendar

This is not a calendar, it's a real feast of Brutalist Renaissance! Have a closer look at detailed pictures of 12 famous constructions (one per each month of the coming 2019) and have an aesthetically perfect moment enjoying the works of Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer and Paul Rudolph.

Dali and Picasso salt and pepper shakers

Add some art magic to your Christmas dinner with this gift, literally speaking. Ingela Arrhenius has created salt and pepper shakers with Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso on. Salvador for salt and Pablo for pepper. For those who doesn't know the great Spanish artists by sight, the shakers are marked with 'S' & 'P'.

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