The British Council announces a five-year programme Creative Spark

Programme offering grants up to €50,000 to institutions to benefit students and start-up entrepreneurs in the creative industries sector in the countries of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

In the UK, the creative economy sector has shown an incredible rate of growth – 34% – between 2010 and 2015. The sector employs around 2 million people, covering about 5% of all UK professions. One measurable factor supporting this growth is the emphasis on entrepreneurial skill development provided in the UK higher education system. More than half of UK universities offer skills development programmes through an array of educational models: specific skill training, contests, business incubators and affiliate programmes (see the research Driving Creative Enterprise).

The goal of Creative Spark is to develop students’ and start-up entrepreneurs’ skills though supported partnerships between universities and the creative industries sector. These generous grants can cover the costs of a wide range of entrepreneurship training and development events for students and start-up entrepreneurs: everything from pitching ideas and starting a business to protecting intellectual property.

The British Council encourages educational institutions, NGOs and municipal and state administrations to join forces and submit applications for consideration, in partnership with UK universities. Such partnerships can make a marked difference in the growth of the entrepreneurial eco-system in our towns and cities nationwide.

Go to our Creative Spark Partner Fund website for further information about the grants, application forms and guidelines.


The call results and successful applications will be announced by 22 October 2018.

Please send your questions about the Creative Spark programme or the application process to:

Please note: the language of communication is English.

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