Creativity in Education: a new special project by Culture and Creativity

We have created this project specifically for those who simply see no other way but to constantly learn new things about this world and sincerely practice lifelong self-learning.

Here you will get a chance to read interviews with the chief editor of educational project, founders of educational platform Prometheus and online-educational studio EdEra, Cultural Project Marketing Director and initiator of an innovative project in the field of university education GoHigher, organisers of the first Creative Campus for teachers, etc. We will share with you thematic case studies from the British Council Ukraine, Pearson publishing house, one of the leaders on the market of educational literature, as well as an international educational centre Dinternal Education.   

You will learn why e-learning is beneficial for our self-organisation and self-responsibility, where one can learn simultaneously from over 50 best humanitarian scholars of our age and which short lectures to subscribe to that will make us contemplate the things we have never even gave a thought to.

For this special project, we have just as special partners to go this journey with: the learning and teaching community GoHigher, British Council Ukraine, Pearson and Dinternal Education within the framework of the Creative Campus for university teachers.

There's a story, experience and inspiration that stand behind each quote. Try it!



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