Crowdfunding for Culture: Find Partners and Share Views in This New Project

The Crowdfunding4Culture site aims to provide information for cultural activists on finding the right crowdfunding platforms, creating successful campaigns and providing more financial advice for activists in the cultural sector.

The organisers are planning to fill the site with information on partners, business models of different cultural initiatives and guidelines about starting the campaign. The project’s current status is that of a work in progress, though even now there are at least three possibilities for using it.

Firstly, you can explore the “Planforms map”, which is already available on the site. On this interactive map, you can find the platforms in Europe that host crowdfunding campaigns or add platforms that are not yet mentioned.

Secondly, take part in a survey to help build the site and share your ideas with the European Commission. Whether you are a representative of a cultural organisation and platform, or you are a policy-maker or baker, you can contribute to this project through your opinions about the potential of crowdfunding.

Thirdly, follow Crowdfunding4Culture on social networks if you are looking for current opportunities and advice on how to start your own campaign. 

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