How to achieve Business Success in the Creative Sector

David Parrish advises creative entrepreneurs to consider 5 key points to achieve business success in the creative, digital and cultural industries
  1. Define Success – in your own terms, with your own specific and unique definition of success for your creative enterprise.
  2. Understand your Strengths – especially your strengths in relation to competitors. Identify what you can do better than everyone else, or at least most of your rivals. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  3. Choose your Customers. Not all customers are good customers. Choose customers that fit your objectives, your ethos, and your financial aims.
  4. Manage your intellectual property. Use copyright, design right, trade marks and patents not only to protect your rights but also to generate income through sales and licensing.
  5. Business growth. Be clear about what you want to grow. Grow your business in the right way. Grow the right things. Size isn’t everything. Small enterprises can generate large profits and have a big impact.

Clearly, there are many more things to consider when growing a business in the creative industries, but these are five important things to think about. Enough for now!

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