Dadash Mammadov: "Comics are the best way to attract attention to the problems of creative people".

Art Council Azerbaijan presented the comics aimed at cultural sector support within EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme.

The purpose of comics is to demonstrate importance of culture and arts, persuade government agencies in potential of this sector and that "culture promotes economic development as well as holds key to solution of many social problems."

Since the early XX century comics genre had special role in Azerbaijan's cultural sector.  This genre raised many problems and illustrated how to address them. Topics described in comics covered culture, education, enlightenment and so on. Regardless of great track of records that Azerbaijani comics have in education, social problems and social development, recently this genre is perceived negatively.

As Dadash Mammadov, the author of the concept told us, "We want to revive this genre and use comics to describe creative people's lives, raise public awareness in cultural and arts advantages as well as focus attention on the need to address social problems in the cultural and creative sectors. First, we had to identify main problems in the cultural sector. Therefore, during the campaign we met with stakeholders, government agencies and NGOs, representatives of the cultural sector". 

The main purpose is to attract attention to culture and creativity sectors' opportunities and their current problems, identify key stages in creative industries development in Azerbaijan.

 "3 depicted stories reflect hardships of creative professionals in Azerbaijan. Comics raise and discuss problems existing in these sectors, help find solutions and facilitate development of appropriate cultural policies. The idea of comics suggested by the head of Arts Council Azerbaijan Dadash Mammadov, was implemented by the young and talented caricaturist Zohrab Salman-Zadeh. This unique project was made possible within EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Program", noted Sevinj Aghazadeh, the program coordinator.

Comics suggest solution of the following problems that creative people encounter primarily:

- Improve documentation process for opening workshops for workers of art. Government support to cultural industries development.

- Reduce customs duties on artistic inventory.

- Improve copyright legislation.

Creative people significantly contribute to the country's development, and their problems considerably affect culture, arts and economy. They are integral part of culture and economy of every developed country. It is important to focus on their problems and provide comprehensive support. Culture is the best way to develop mutual understanding among people.

Comics will be distributed among Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Taxes, Ministry of Finance, Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts and other state bodies and non-governmental organizations. 

Comics are available here.

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