How do you make culture accessible to people with disabilities

The Guardian’s website has a separate Disability Arts section. There you can find recommendations and cases relating to the social exclusion of creative people with disabilities.


  • The organizers of the Just So family arts festival, together with the Attitude is Everything charity organisation, discuss what should be done so that information on an event’s site is accessible absolutely to everyone and encourages disabled people to attend the event.

  • The Ramps on the Moon organisation, in unison with the British Arts Council England theatre network, stages plays in which disabled people play on a par with professional actors. In addition, new technologies and approaches have made going to the theatre possible even for hearing-impaired viewers.

  • Sometimes people tend to turn the blindness of others into a tragedy, but this is not always the case,” says Hannah Thompson, a partially blind lecturer at the Royal Holloway College of the University of London. “It’s simply a different way of being in the world,” continues Hannah and talks about how she organised the Blind Creations conference. The aim of the event is to show how art is capable of changing attitudes towards blindness.

  • Nicky Goulder, co-founder and chief executive of Create, talks about the barriers young disabled people face in their attempts to access cultural and creative life as well as what can and should be done to make this easier for them.

  • Jo Verrent, senior producer of the Unlimited programme, shares the UK’s achievements in the sphere of integrating disabled people in arts and culture, and examines the problems these people face.

  • You can find more examples by following the link.


People with disabilities can be infinitely creative – just take a look at this selection of photographs. You’ll find everything here: from innovative theatre to dance troupes.


You can find information about some current competitions, grants and festivals for disabled people in our weekly selection.

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