Diversity as a Business Trend for 2016

The recent research of Talent Management finds that inclusion and diversity will lead company to the top.

The studying all over 450 global companies shows – the highest rates achieve business groups which implement principles of inclusion and diversity. To prove this just look at the list of companies who use this strategy and you will recognize the world's leaders.

The HR specialist and the author of research Josh Bersin is confident that the success of the company directly depends on the ability to hire and engage people of all ages, backgrounds and culture.

He advises thinking outside even these measures. Who told that only ethnicity and gender are about diversity? Josh believe empowering people from the different professional background like artists, mathematicians or engineers will provide your company more creative power. Moreover, he recommends focusing not only on Millennials, because senior employees can share their experience.

Creating the truly inclusive company won`t be easy because it is necessary to implement this principle not only into HR but on the level of the whole company strategy. It can cost a lot of money and power, but in the global business it is the way to success and the leaders who understand this will reach the top.

Learn more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joshbersin/2015/12/06/why-diversity-and-inclusion-will-be-a-top-priority-for-2016/2/#14cad6c264bb



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