Effective Collaboration: How PR Can Contribute to the Arts

The PR Insider has published persuasive arguments for why artists and galleries should cooperate with public relations managers

Firstly, these experts can help define the target audiences and find the ways of networking with them. The PR plan also consists of creating the brand and developing the timeline for artistic goals. These activities will structure the work, as well as define the messages and objectives.

Secondly, PR can help artists expand the audiences, represent the works of art online, communicate with specific art journalists and the media. Also, PR managers can assist in the organisation of events and build a network of contacts for professional development.

In the article, you will find the cases of portrait artists such as Annie Leibovitz and George H. Lewis, whose careers benefited from PR.

We also recommend The PR Insider blog to managers who want to follow the trends in international communication and get new skills for art and culture clients. The blogger-in-chief of the platform, Farzana Baduel, is the CEO of Curzon PR, the global strategic PR firm whose offices are based in London, New York and Dubai.

More information http://www.curzonpr.com/theprinsider/art-needs-pr-artists-public-relations-fine-art/

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