How many EaP organisations are members of European networks – research results

The EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme commissioned baseline research on EaP organisations membership to 30 selected European networks representing the culture and creative sector in 2015 (see full report below). This status will be reviewed at the end of 2017.

The findings showed that: 

  • 1 network had representatives from all 6 EaP countries
  • 2 networks had representatives from 5 EaP countries
  • 4 networks had representatives from 3 EaP countries
  • 2 networks had representatives from 2 EaP countries
  • 10 networks had representatives from 1 EaP country
  • 12 networks had no representatives from any EaP countries

European networks are an important link to wider collaboration, improved capacity, contacts, greater commercial opportunity, and deeper understanding among professionals across the continent. Cultural organisations in EaP countries are currently weak at networking with European regional bodies or at least very significantly under-represented in the mainstream European cultural networks. For example, the website of the European Association of Archaeologists as well as has links to partners in Russia, Romania, Poland and Hungary, but none to partners in EaP countries. The region is almost non-existent to a European cultural expert searching for partners in EaP countries.

That is why the Programme created a map of the main European cultural and creative sector associations and formal networks. The Programme will count and monitor the number of members from EaP countries across the project’s lifespan. This will be an important indicator to see if the region’s cultural institutes are linking with the European cultural and creative mainstream organisations.

Please also have a look at the booklet presenting the creative and cultural networks that are part of Creative Europe
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