Emerging Job Profiles for Museum Professionals

As the outcome of the Mu.SA research, four emerging job profiles have been identified to help museums face the digital challenges.

The most important role-profiles in which museums should invest by up-skilling their staff are:

1. Digital strategy manager

Also known as Cultural ICT Consultant, Digital Cultural Manager, Cultural Digital Strategy Manager, Cultural ICT Ambassador, Digital cultural mediator, Cultural ICT Advisor, Cultural ICT specialist. A strategic role-profile for museums that aim to thrive in a digital environment in line with the overall museum’s strategy.

2. Digital Collections Curator

Also known as Digital Cultural Asset Manager, Digital Asset manager, Born-Digital Material Curator, Digital Curator This role-profile is specialised in preserving and managing born-digital materials. Develop online and offline exhibitions and content for other departments.

3. Digital Interactive Experience Developer

Also known as Interactive Experience Developer, Digital Interactive Experience designer, Exhibit interactive designer. This role-profile is specialised in designing, developing and implementing innovative and interactive experiences providing a meaningful experience for all types of visitors.

4. Online Community Manager

Also known as Online Cultural Community manager, Online community developer, Online community specialist, Social media specialist, Digital Media curator, Visual Media curator, New Media Manager, Digital Communication Manager, Social media manager.

The research results will inform the creation of a training programme, which will include a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), e-learning, face-to-face and workplace learning activity, with the goal to avoid a mismatch between the job market and professional needs.

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Museum Professionals in the Digital Era: Agents of Change

For museums to become the agents of change adequate professional development is crucial. Museum professionals should be equipped with the appropriate skill-sets needed to respond to the ever-changing needs of society.  Based on the previous eCult Skills project, the Mu.SA – Museum Sector Skills Alliance consortium has been investigating what are the necessary skills and competences to support museum professionals in their digital transformation journey.

Executive summary

Full report

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