5 tips: Emil Guliev On How To Shoot A “Real” Film

Among other projects, the works of this director include two films that had a bombshell effect in Azerbaijan, exposing the lies that entangle many families in a modern society — «Pərdə» and «İkinci Pərdə». So here are 5 tips to young directors from Emil Guliev

1. Shoot. Do not doubt, do not despair. It does not matter what to use to shoot. Start with your phone. If you have an idea that you believe in, you have to put it into practice. Short film, feature film — it does not matter. It is better to start with a short one though. To see how the process works, get the hang of it, come into the spotlight. My first works were short sketches that had quite a lot of mistakes. Every single time I would go over the finished video I would realize what a blooper it was. I would then correct it during the next shooting. That could stretch to infinity. I am actually glad I do not have any specialised education in filmmaking.

2. Find a team of like-minded people. You would certainly need people who understand you and are ready to contribute as many efforts as you, and to believe in and follow you.

3. Be individual. Do not try to imitate. This way you will always have the lead.

4. Do not compromise. Sometimes you have to, but you will regret it afterwards. I have compromised in one of the scenes of «İkinci Pərdə» and it still makes me mad. However, in order to do it the way I wanted, I was supposed to put pressure on the actor, and I saw that by that time the actors were stretched thin already. I also did not want to use music in my film — an yet, I was convinced by the producer. I still believe it is superfluous. In my opinion, real film and music should not interfere.

5. Read. A lot. For instance, I even reread books quite often. Especially, Dostoevsky. While indeed the most significant book for me is Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita.

*«Pərdə» from Azerbaijani means “curtain”; figuratively “veil” that covers the lies, following the principle “whatever they do, as long as no one knows”.

Part one of the film «Pərdə» is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yQs4O_HlQc

Emil Kuliev at “Kinopoisk”: https://www.kinopoisk.ru/name/2779979/

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