Three facts from World Cities Culture Finance Report

This report is must-have for cultural managers as well as policymakers because it is the first global comparative study that explores how the culture is financing in world cities.

The report includes the revision of different types of financing, from the classical public and private to new funding models. It also investigates 16 cases of how finance flows in world cities, for instance, in Paris, Brussels, Tokyo, New York and much more.

The authors of World Cities Culture Finance Report sure, the report can help to reflect on collected data and see the gaps. Moreover, the readers of the paper will learn and understand all options of supporting culture in world cities.

Here are the main author’s findings and facts:

  • “Over one-third of all public direct culture funding is provided by local government

  • New models of funding – such as social finance and public match funding for crowdfunding campaigns – are starting to appear. However it is too early, and they are too small-scale, for their effects to be measured.

  • In United States cities, culture funding is dominated by private giving. Outside of the US, with the exception of Tokyo, no other city has more than 19% of total funding from private sources”.    


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